“It’s Like Talking to a Real Girl”: Sex Robots SWEEPING THE GLOBE as Popularity Surges [VIDEO]

by Margaret M. | December 6, 2017 11:48 am


A new documentary features interviews and footage of the men who are sleeping with sex robots instead of looking for a real live wife. One man who was interviewed said that he controls his robot with an app on his phone and is shown sitting down on a loveseat with his “girlfriend.”

The robot enthusiast describes that this is no longer “a dream anymore, it’s a functioning robot.”

I, for one, do not welcome our new sex robot overlords and some others in the documentary are also set to argue against them, with one woman calling them “pornographic representations of women,” saying that the use of the dolls encourages misogyny.

But, users say that it’s just like “talking to a real girl.”

The man behind the new technology is Dr. Sergi Santos who has dubbed himself the “Robin Hood of sex” because of the role he plays in giving “sex to the poor,” by which he means the men who are unable to attract a real woman of which they approve. He has been making the apps and robotic aspects of the dolls in his work station in Barcelona, Spain.


The wife of Dr. Sergi Santos, posing with one of his dolls.

“Men need sex and I give it to them,” said the good doctor, who at 39 is one of the people responsible for the robot Samantha, a doll he claims can “synchronize sexually” with any person using it, saying that she likes to be touched. He himself is a user of the dolls, saying that it has improved his bedtime relationship with his own wife.


Dr. Santos with one of his dolls

One man featured, James, 58, is an engineer who has been married for the last 36 years and maintains a sex life with both a doll (four times a week) and his wife. As for the engineer part… I don’t know, I’ll have to see some credentials on that.

Recently in China, a 32 year-old engineer married his sex robot, calling her his “wife” and “bride.” When questioned on a televised show about his arrangement he said the only difference between Ying Ying the robot and a real woman was “a beating heart.”[4] He did, however say that his “marriage” has brought on quite a bit of notoriety and might even help him meet a real woman. Yeah, all my single girlfriends are just dying to meet the guy on TV talking about his robo-wife.

You can watch the short trailer for the documentary here:

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