Locals Fume Over Adult Baby Store

by Dave Blount | June 10, 2016 4:19 pm

The effect of liberalism has been the infantilization of a public that is socially engineered to be ever more needy, dependent, hypersensitive, defenseless, irresponsible, and entitled. This has created a market that a business in the Chicago area sensibly sees as an opportunity. For some reason, locals are not happy about it:

A new business, a baby store for adults, is sparking outrage in suburban Mt. Prospect.

Dozens of residents showed up at village hall Tuesday night, calling for the business to be shut down or moved, CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos reports.

However officials say they had no legal basis to bar the business, Tykables, which has a seven-foot crib, an oversized high chair and adult-sized playpen. …

The owner of the store on Northwest Highway says the primary focus of the business is selling adult diapers for medical needs and for “ABDL” or “Adult Baby Diaper Lovers,” some with baby or sexual fetishes.

Residents, however, say what’s going on inside the store has no place near schools and homes.

What exactly goes on inside the store is unclear.

The doors are locked at the store and customers can only enter by appointment. White panels cover the windows, for privacy.

“They’re not having sex with their diapers on, they’re having people feed them and act like a baby,” explained one resident at the meeting.

If they want Tykables closed down, imagine how they must feel about Bernie Sanders rallies.

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