Mom and disabled son lose their home and all his medical equipment to Baltimore riots

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | May 20, 2015 10:04 am

Unintended consequences[1] – this is what happens when you get your vengeance and violence on. A little boy, who has cerebral palsy from lack of oxygen at 18 months, lost his wheelchair, brace, breathing equipment, clothes, feeding tube and everything the family held dear. The Baltimore rioters burned down a liquor store next to his home, which then caught on fire and burned down. At least the little family was able to go to the mom’s parent’s home – they had somewhere to turn, but think of the devastation. The smoke alone could have killed the little boy. Shame on the thugs who set the fire.

Laporsha Lawson, 28, was barely able to escape with her son Khai’Lee Sampson
when their home caught fire.

From the Daily Mail:

Freddie Gray’s death while in the custody of Baltimore police sparked outrage which led to riots that captured the attention of the nation and cost a single mother and her disabled son their home.

On April 28 around 1am, the liquor store next to 28-year-old Laporsha Lawson’s home caught fire and the blaze quickly spread to her two-story home next door.

All Lawson could do was grab her severely disabled son, Khai’Lee Sampson, seven, and get out.

They made it to safety about a block away at her parents’ house, but all of the items Khai’Lee relied on to help with the cerebral palsy he developed from being deprived of oxygen because of an asthma attack when he was 18 months old were destroyed, according to the Baltimore Sun[2].

Khai’Lee, who lost the ability to speak and move his arms and legs, was deprived of his clothes, feeding tube, back brace, customized wheelchair and the machine that helps him breathe at night.

Lawson, who goes by Porsha, said: ‘They took everything from my child.

‘Everybody wants justice for Freddie Gray.

‘But what about justice for Khai’Lee?’

She believes whoever lit the fire didn’t think of all the consequences, CBS Baltimore[3] reported.

Lawson said: ‘People burned the bar down, which burned his home down, which burned all his equipment.

‘Everything. His wheelchair was his legs.’

Lawson, who was been told more than once her child was on death’s door, is grateful he survived because smoke from the fire, one of 61 on April 27 and 28, could have destroyed Khai’Lee’s lungs.

Their home was condemned so Lawson and her son are still living with her parents, but an online fundraiser[4] has been set up.

Donations have more than doubled the campaign’s $10,000 goal, but the $24,000 that has already been raised may not even cover the cost of replacing Khai’Lee’s specialized medical equipment.

Even though they still have a long way to go, all the support has been much appreciated.

‘We are in awe of the generosity displayed by those who have given,’ wrote the campaign organizer.

‘This is one time when $1 has no greater value than 1 million because as a collective effort, you all have shown that support and love still prevails.

‘From college students on tight budgets to local businesses and major corporations, your giving has far exceeded the goal we set…in such a short amount of time… but we’re not through yet!’

‘Let’s see this campaign to the finish line and rebuild Baltimore, one family, one heart at a time starting with Porsha Lawson and her son, Khai’Lee!’

I would urge everyone who can to donate to this family. Every dollar counts. Help them piece their life back together. They’ve raised over 24k, but that does not even come near to covering the medical equipment for Khai’Lee. He shouldn’t have to pay for the sins of others. Everyone is going on about Freddie Gray, what about little Khai’Lee? He’s not a criminal… he’s innocent and helpless. The people who protested should step up and contribute since their actions led to this – all of their actions.

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