Mom jailed after she injected saline into her critically ill nine-year-old son’s IV while she was alone in his hospital room [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | January 21, 2015 12:29 pm

Well, I’m torn on this one[1]. It looks bad and I think the judge was acting out of an abundance of caution. What isn’t in the article, is that the mother is studying to be a nurse. She’s taken care of her son his whole life, so she may have just thought time was of the essence and made the call. The hospital felt they had to move on it due to liability issues. I know a lot of people are screaming Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, but somehow, this doesn’t feel like that. Saline can poison, but in the amount she gave, it seems she intended to break up that clot and help her son.

Behind bars: Candy Fluty (left) was arrested after admitting she injected a
substance into her son Elijah’s (right) IV drip while he was in the hospital.

From the Daily Mail:

A mother is behind bars after admitting to injecting a substance into her son’s IV drip as he lay in the hospital.

Candy Fluty of Kermit, West Virginia appeared in court on Monday after she injected the substance over the weekend while her son Elijah was being treated for symptoms related to Hirschsprung disease, which causes a blockage of the large intestine due to improper muscle movement in the bowel.

According to Fluty’s aunt Katie, the substance was allegedly saline.

WSAZ[2] reports that ‘the criminal complaint charges were filed based on Fluty’s own statements and video evidence.’

Friends and family members have been quick to hop to Fluty’s defense in the aftermath of this incident, saying the single mother of four children would never do anything to hurt one of her kids, especially 9-year-old Elijah, who has spent a large portion of his life in hospitals.

Her aunt explained that Fluty was in the room with Elijah when a blood clot began to form, and as she was waiting for the nurse she pushed the saline into the boy’s system.

A saline solution under high pressure can be pushed directly at a blood clot to break it up.

There have however also been cases of saline being used to poison, and ultimately kill, patients.

Fluty wrote of Elijah’s experience at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on Facebook prior to this weekend’s incident, offering a glimpse into the intense surgeries the boy has been enduring his entire life.

On Friday she wrote; ‘Elijah unfortunately has a fever and feels pretty yucky. He had 9 teeth removed today and had a tube changed. He is getting morphine and it’s keeping him pretty comfortable. Hopefully the fever is just a side effect of anesthesia.’

According to her posts, the boy was also having spots on his head cultured to determine what they were and blood clots in his arms examined.

Fluty also revealed on Facebook that friends and members of her community had raised money to help her and her family as they dealt with Elijah’s medical costs, raising enough money for the 35-year-old to make a down payment on a car so her son could get to and from the hospital.

‘I heard that some people were questioning as to what the money will be used for and I just wanted everyone to know I really appreciate everything anyone has done for us no matter what it has been,’ wrote Fluty.

She is currently being held on $50,000 bail and has been ordered to stay away from her son.

Her defense attorney claims the entire situation is a ‘total misunderstanding.’

Nothing in the mother’s journals or demeanor looks like she was having a mental issue. She has four children and all are well. Her family and friends adore her and swear she would never hurt her children. I think the family has been through enough. $50k in bail sounds harsh in this case. I think they should let her go and monitor the situation. The media is trying to make her sound like she is using money raised for the family for herself and that she is deliberately harming her son. In this case, I tend towards agreeing with her attorney – this sounds like poor judgement and an honest misunderstanding.

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