Morgue Worker Who Had Sex With 100 Corpses Allowed to Continue Even After Being Caught

An Ohio morgue worker admits to having sex with at least 100 corpses and kept up his creepy obsession even after his wife informed authorities that he was doing it.

Kenneth Douglas, who worked as an employee for Ohio’s Hamilton County Morgue, eventually admitted to his sick actions claiming that he only did those things when he went to work high or drunk.

An Ohio morgue employee revealed he may have had sex with ‘a hundred’ corpses and continued to do so even after his wife had tipped off authorities.

Speaking about the incidents in deposition audio obtained by WCPO, Hamilton County employee Kenneth Douglas said ‘I would get on top of them and pull my pants down.’

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When talking about the body of victim Charlene Appling, Douglas said ‘I do remember going in the freezer, pulling her in one of the rooms in the back’ before he told an investigator he ‘had sex with her.’

When asked about the number of corpses he had sex with, Douglas answered ‘It could have been a hundred’ in the deposition audio.

Douglas attributed his behavior to drug and alcohol abuse in the deposition.

Naturally the man’s wife was disgusted by the whole thing and told authorities, but for quite some time they did nothing because, the wife said, the officials wouldn’t believe her.

Eventually several families sued the county for the abuse their dead family members underwent at the hands of this creep and Douglas was arrested, tried and jailed. But more cases are still coming to light.

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