NFL player, a man of faith, captures nation with a message of hope for our country’s reconciliation

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | May 2, 2015 2:53 pm

Once again Benjamin Watson speaks from his heart and soul[1] and tells it like it is. Our only hope as a nation is to turn back to God. However, I will say this… what we see before and around us now in America is largely orchestrated by a few. They want to stoke the hopelessness… fan the flames of hatred spreading across the country. Because if they can do that and create mass chaos, it fuels their vehicle for change. A change that will once and for all destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights and deliver us into bondage under a Progressive dictatorial regime. This is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned and it is not what God wants for the freest nation on earth.


New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson is pulling at America’s heartstrings again, turning to Facebook on Monday to post an earnest message in response to the riots happening in Baltimore that same night.

“We have major problems as a nation,” the NFL player wrote. “Yesterday Ferguson burned. Tonight‪ #‎Baltimore[2]‬ burns. Tomorrow it will be another city in our homeland.”

“Watching the coverage I’m hearing yet another version of a nauseatingly familiar narrative,” Watson continued. “Violence by police reciprocated by violence by the community, reciprocated by violence by police reciprocated by…. It seems fruitless to continue to analyze, condemn, and respond to these dreadful episodes.”

Watson first captured the country’s attention when he took to Facebook to comment on events[3] in Ferguson, Mo., a post that went viral, and again a few months later to talk about[4] the persecution of Christians in the United States.

This week’s post has already garnered over 37,000 “Likes” and has been shared more than 15,000 times.

A man of faith, Watson talked about the condition of the human heart.

“Systems are broken because people are broken and if systems are fixed without hearts being changed the result will be a legalistic attempt that will lack long term results,” he said. “Our problems are wholistic and common to the human heart. Hatred, prejudice, exploitation, pride, self righteousness, secrecy, and rebellion, manifest itself in the explosions we’ve seen over the last year, the last century, and the last millennia.”

In the end, Watson turned to God.

“Tonight I see ‘smoke,’ but we must address the fire,” Watson said. “The response that we are watching is just “smoke” from years of hopelessness. After each situation the more I am convinced that the love of God for our fellow brothers and sisters who were created in His image, is our only hope for reconciliation.”


I join with Watson in his call for all of us to reunite under God’s grace and love. But I would also counsel that we fight as Christians for our rights and freedoms. It is our duty and our calling to answer to one authority over all others and that is to God. We must not let those that have an agenda turn us against one another and pit us against each other under the cover of racism, elitism and persecution. There have been those from the beginning of time that have wished to pull all around them into the darkness simply so they could be enriched and be endowed with more power. The violence must end and justice must take its course without political activism and bias in the mix. Americans need to not partake of the violence around them as it is poison. Violence is a measure of last resort and we should not allow ourselves to be goaded into a bottom up, top down, inside out scenario.

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