NO OBAMA OFFICIAL Has Contacted Family Since Kate Steinle Was SHOT DEAD! [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | July 14, 2015 6:55 am

This is just beyond the pale.[1] Obama only shows up or sends his minions when it is politically expedient to do so… when it furthers part of his political agenda. When a hero such as Chris Kyle is murdered by a radical or an innocent such as Kate Steinle is brought down by an illegal criminal that is only here because of Obama’s machinations, he can’t be bothered. Not even a call, not even a nod. He simply turns his back and walks away. What an evil man. That poor family in San Francisco is one of many suffering because of what Obama has done and justice is nowhere in sight.

Kate Steinle[2]

From Gateway Pundit:


The Obama Administration sent three representatives to robber Michael Brown’s funeral[3] and three representatives[4] to Freddie Gray’s funeral.

Michael Brown robbed a local convenience store before he was shot dead in Ferguson.

Obama sent three representatives to his funeral.

Obama spoke publicly about the Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray and robber Michael Brown.

But NO ONE from the Obama administration has contacted the Steinle family after she was murdered by an illegal alien in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. And no one attended Kate’s funeral.

Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal alien in San Francisco.

Brad Steinle, Kate’s brother, told Megyn Kelly that no one from the Obama administration has contacted his family.


Kate’s family is devastated and the attitudes of Obama and the sheriff are more than appalling. They are criminal in themselves. No one is taking responsibility for this beautiful, young woman’s death. It was needless and utterly preventable. But it was choreographed and facilitated by a heartless, uncaring regime who only cares about power and crushing freedom at every turn. All of America, including Megyn Kelly of Fox News, wants to know why Obama isn’t addressing this and the atrocity of sanctuary cities. Instead, he sends his representatives to gang banger and criminal’s funerals because they were the right skin color. The man has no shame, no conscience and no ethics. Kate is beyond this now, but how many more have to die before we stop this madness?

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