Robber Goes on Shopping Spree in Neighbor’s House and Then Takes a Nap in the House He was Robbing [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | January 2, 2015 11:47 am

Now that’s just classically dumb. Go out and drink too much, then go and rob your neighbor’s house. But you get tired and decide to take a snooze before leaving. Definitely a contender for a Darwin Award. This takes being a dumb criminal to a whole new realm. He even tried to steal the guy’s dog’s ashes. You have to wonder what he was thinking in his drunken stupor. This genius lives a few blocks down from his victim and he had the grand idea to just stack his ill-gotten loot on his porch. Not hard to find, just like sleeping beauty wasn’t hard to find and arrest. He’s one more in a very long line of not-exceptionally bright criminals. At least the thief took his shoes off before crawling into bed.[1]

From IJReview[2]:

Most criminals are quick in their attempts to get away and conceal their crimes in the shortest time possible…. but not this burglar. Christopher Provasac, the burglar who broke into his neighbor’s house, decided to take a little snooze in the guest bedroom of the home he was robbing.

Provasac’s genius plan didn’t end there; In addition to falling asleep in the house he was robbing, he decided to stash everything he had stolen right his own front porch, for the entire neighborhood to see.

Currently Provasac is in custody on pending burglary charges and perhaps a Darwin Award[3].

The cops even found the half empty booze bottle that gave this MENSA candidate the liquid courage and bright idea of ripping off someone near his home. He made numerous staggering trips with his stolen items to his front porch and got plumb tuckered out doing it. Here’s a hint, if you are intent on doing evil, you might want to be sober and have a brain first. You’ll still get caught, but at least you won’t be a laughing stock in prison. Drunk thieves of the world unite! You’re with stupid even when you are alone.

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