Rocker Ted Nugent Sends EPIC Message to Haters of Donald Trump

by Warner Todd Huston | July 11, 2015 8:28 pm

There’s been a lot said about Donald Trump–in fact, Trump is all anyone wants to talk about–and there has been a LOT of criticism of the real estate mogul. But rocker Te Nugent has a few EPIC words for Trump haters.

Nugent got peeved[1] by comments made by former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer regarding Trump’s suitability as a GOP candidate.

“Donald Trump is like watching a roadside accident,” Fleischer told Politico. “Everybody pulls over to see the mess. And Trump thinks that’s entertainment. But running for president is serious. And the risk for the party is he tarnishes everybody.”

Fleischer went on to say, “he’s irresponsible, he’s divisive, he’s hurtful.”

But Nugent wasn’t having any of it.

“Donald Trump is a mess? Maybe Mr. Fleischer should open up the political garbage can he and the majority of Fedzillacrats live in and take a look at the real, certifiable, rotting, stinking mess that has been caused by the professional scammers of both political stripes for the past 50 years,” Nugent wrote on WND.

Mr. Fleischer and other critics of Mr. Trump aren’t listening to the blaring trumpets of dissatisfaction that are blown by millions of Americans who realize that it’s the professional political punks in D.C. who have engineered the economic train wreck that is strangling the economy, shrinking the middle class and creating even further embarrassing, America-destroying dependence on Fedzilla by tens and tens of millions of Americans.

Mr. Trump didn’t create this economic swan dive to the street. Our politicians did, the very guys Mr. Fleischer apparently believes are the solution to the problem. If he actually believes this jabberwocky, Fleischer should seek political mental health disability.

Donald Trump is running strong in the early polls because Americans are fed up with the political status quo, especially from left-leaning GOP Fedzillacrats who want to feed us cow dung while telling us it’s a cheeseburger.

Do you agree with Nugent?

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