Satanists Use Hobby Lobby Ruling For Democrat Purposes

by William Teach | August 1, 2014 7:53 am

This is an interesting turn of events. Who knew that Satanists have the same positions on abortion as Democrats?

(ABC News[1]) A group of Satanists are using the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision to promote their own political initiatives — which are the polar opposite of the Christian craft store giant.

The Supreme Court ruling allows Hobby Lobby to opt out of providing contraceptives to employees on the basis of their religious beliefs. Now, The Satanic Temple plans to cite the verdict as justification for the protection of their own beliefs. (WT-gotta admire the media’s continued ability to fail to represent the ruling properly)

The Satanic Temple, a religious group based in New York but with followers across the country, is using the ruling to fight informed consent laws which mandate that women considering abortions must be given state-approved literature about the procedure.

“We should only have to review medical or scientific information based solely on fact and not politicized,” said Jex Blackmore, the head of the Detroit chapter of The Satanic Temple. “Some of that state-drafted information is medical in nature [but] it’s just that it’s written in a very biased format.”

The group announced the initiative last week and have provided a form letter intended to enable women to opt-out of receiving the pamphlets distributed under the informed consent laws. They contend that the informed consent pamphlets run counter to their religious beliefs. Women are able to print off the opt-out form, fill it out and hand it to their doctor. If the doctor still gives them the state-mandated forms in spite of the letter, The Satanic Temple says it will file a lawsuit on their behalf.

Huh. So Satanists are upset by informed consent laws when it comes to abortion. So are Democrats, who have been fighting informed consent laws since they were passed, and are very upset over them. In fact, Senate Democrats have recently begun pushing a bill that would wipe out all State level informed consent laws, along with virtually every pro-life law. Seems that Democrats are more hard cored in favor of abortion than Satanists.

When it comes to fighting any lawsuits that The Satanic Temple brings forward regarding informed consent laws, it appears that the devil is truly in the details.

“It really puts the conservative Christians and the anti-contraceptive Catholics in a bind: They’re going to have to argue that a religious group should lose a RFRA claim that is on par with the Hobby Lobby claim,” Hamilton said.

“The courts cant pick and choose between beliefs.”

An interesting point. Of course, they haven’t actually made a case as to how the informed consent pamphlets violate their religious beliefs. There’s nothing in this article, nor any other articles I’ve perused, that explain that position, which would be necessary to sue. They really do not make a case on their website[2]. Unless they’re saying that politics is against their religion? According to their press release[3], this is based on the notion that “The Satanic Temple believes that the body is inviolable — subject to one’s own will alone.” Wouldn’t that mean that the baby should be accorded the same will over their body?

However, at the end of the day, it looks more like this is really about fundraising, nothing more, nothing less, for the Satanic Temple. Kinda like with Democrat emails: give us money.

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