She lived in a cage for 7 years… then saw a bed for the first time… and LOL

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | November 19, 2015 12:59 pm

This is so cute it almost breaks your heart![1] Millie is a seven year-old bull terrier who has been in a cage all her life breeding puppies. She was rescued and taken to a foster home by a kind woman named Jill Stafford. Millie didn’t know what to make of the other dogs in the home and was confused. She had never lived in a home or had anyone to love her. But soon, she learned to play with toys, other dogs and people. The very best part for Millie was a soft, warm bed. She just couldn’t get enough of it and went bonkers when she was first introduced to her bed. It’s adorable!


From Viral Nova:

Millie, a 7-year-old bull terrier, spent her life in a cage, giving birth to puppies. She never had a real home…or even proper veterinary care. Thanks to the Pibbles & More [3]rescue, she was saved from that life of servitude.

And now she’s finally experiencing happiness for the first time.

Jill Stafford[4] kindly brought Millie into her own home, fostering her alongside her own dogs. At first, Millie was confused.

She didn’t understand how to play with toys. Being a part of a family was new to her.

With a little bit of love and patience, Millie began to understand what it was like to have a home.

And when she was able to feel a warm, soft bed for the very first time? She was overcome with doggy joy.

She can’t even!

If you’re interested in adopting Millie yourself, check out her online adoption listing[5]. (You can fill out an adoption form online, too, at Pibbles & More’s website[6].) Hopefully, Millie quickly finds a home. She’ll make a great cuddle buddy in bed!

I bet people are lining up to adopt Millie now. She’s just lovable beyond belief. Happiness and joy are contagious. I dare you to watch this video and not laugh and have it pull at your heart. It makes me so very grateful she was rescued. It also makes me furious that anyone would treat a dog like that. They are the most innocent of souls… loving, trusting and giving. They deserve worlds better than that. I almost wish I could adopt her. My cats would take a very dim view of that though. I love the video and could watch it a zillion times. I agree… she can’t even!



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