Short Dude Puts Tall Guy To Sleep With One Perfectly Placed Punch! [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 15, 2015 9:06 am

I guess that’s all it takes…[1] Just one perfectly placed and timed punch and David brings down Goliath. Lights went out and the big guy went sleepy bye. The tall guy looked like he thought he was about to swat a fly. Big and lumbering, he was far slower than the short guy, who deftly ducked his punch and hit him right on the chin and put his lights out. The big guy went down hard and stayed down. I guess towering and menacing doesn’t trump dancing and timing after all.

That looked like a classic right hook to the jaw and connected with full force. Perfectly executed and utterly predictable with the way the tall guy was swinging and not countering. The little guy’s zoning was perfect; staying out of strike range at all times. He was light on his feet, bobbing and weaving and not staying a stable target at any point. The tall guy hit the ground so hard, I have to wonder what condition his skull is in. That was a brutal take down.

  1. I guess that’s all it takes…:

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