Socializing the Cost of Sexual Mutilation

by Dave Blount | February 22, 2011 2:03 pm

MSNBC crows with joy[1] that politically correct corporations have been forcing their employees to finance bizarre sexual mutilation procedures by covering them under insurance policies as if they were medically necessary.

With little fanfare, more and more large corporations, including Coca-Cola, Campbell Soup and Walt Disney, have expanded their insurance coverage to meet the needs of transgender workers. The trend follows a concerted push by transgender rights advocates to get employers and insurers to see sex reassignment the way the American Medical Association does — as a medically indicated rather than an optional procedure.

If chopping appendages off of your body to indulge a delusion is medically necessary, next insurance plans will cover apotemnophilia[2], a comparably depraved psychiatric condition that makes crazy people feel compelled to cut off their own arms and legs.

American Express, Kraft Foods, AT&T, Yahoo!, Eastman Kodak, Sears, Morgan Stanley, Price Waterhouse, General Motors and State Farm are among 85 large businesses and law firms that cover the cost of at least one surgery, according to a 2010 survey by the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest gay rights group.

The number is expected to spike this year, when HRC adds availability of surgery-inclusive medical benefits for transgender employees or transgender dependents to the criteria in its annual corporate diversity report card.

To maintain the coveted 100 percent rating when the next Corporate Equality Index is published in the fall, companies will have to offer at least one insurance plan that covers at least $75,000 worth of surgery and other treatments recommended by a patient’s doctor.

The Corporate Equality Index[3] rates the obsequiousness of cowardly corporations in complying with the militant homosexual agenda. As for the $75,000 to convert dysfunctional men into crude facsimiles of dysfunctional women, it has to come from somewhere — namely from everyone else insured under the same policy. If the transsexuals improve psychiatrically to the point they want their own bodies back[4], no doubt others will get the bill for that too.

Is it any wonder that health insurance costs keep blasting through the stratosphere?

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