Some Things Should Go Without Saying: Sack Tapping Is Stupid

by Melissa Clouthier | May 28, 2010 12:52 pm

Is our country getting dumber? Stories like these make me think so[1]:

Alright kids, we need to talk. Please take my advice: Stop watching stupid things on YouTube and then trying them at home.

The latest (completely idiotic and disturbing) YouTube trend known as “sack tapping,” caused 14-year-old David Gibbons of Crosby, Minnesota more than just a few moments of excruciating pain – he had to have his right testicle amputated after being punched in the groin by a classmate.

Sack tapping is a game played among boys and the goal is simple: punch your opponent in the testicles before he can punch you.

If American culture dies, it will be because of this sort of stupidity. Men, believe me, you need your balls. America needs more, not less of them.

  1. Stories like these make me think so:

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