Soundset KO – Brutal One Punch Knock Out In Drunken Brawl [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | April 20, 2015 8:47 am

This must have occurred at a concert somewhere[1]. All I can really be sure of here is that everyone involved is very, very drunk. The guy that got knocked out definitely was asking for it and the guy who KO’d him obliged. It was a brutal punch, but the guy was on his way to passing out from drinking too much already. He just had a little extra help here. People just cheered and laughed – this is just stupid and deplorable behavior from all involved. No wonder the US is in moral decline.

If this is what having a good time is for the young anymore, we are toast as a nation. I will give the guy who punched him out a bit of an out though – he did give the guy ample opportunity to back off and he kept getting in his face. Finally, after the guy started hitting at him, he knocked him out cold. One young lady was trying to revive the idiot. Boy, I bet he had a hangover the next day. Wonder if he remembered what an arse he made of himself. I don’t find these types of incidents funny… just pathetic.

  1. This must have occurred at a concert somewhere:

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