Texas School Forces Christian Student to Say ‘God Isn’t Real’ [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | October 29, 2015 2:56 pm

A seventh grader was given an assignment which asked her if, ‘There is a God.’ There were three choices: fact, commonplace assertion or opinion. The student answered both fact and opinion. Her teacher marked her wrong. She said that the student should have selected commonplace assertion. The girl then claims the teacher said that God wasn’t real. I agree with the student that it is not a commonplace assertion. The student was floored that she was basically being told to say that God isn’t real. Her mother was furious. The girl testified in front of the Board of Education and told her story. That took guts and good for her.[1]


From the Daily Mail:

A student says she was forced to say that ‘God isn’t real’ to pass a class assignment.

The seventh grader, Jordan Wooley, was given an assignment at West Memorial Junior High School in Katy, Texas, which asked students to identify whether something was ‘fact’ or an ‘opinion.’

The list of statements included ‘There is a God.’

Wooley says she answered the statement by saying that it was both fact and opinion, depending on one’s faith, according to KHOU-TV[3].

But she claims the teacher insisted that the answer was wrong, and that she should have said that the answer was ‘commonplace assertion’ – and that ‘God isn’t real.’

The student told KHOU[4]: ‘Based on my religion and based on what I think and believe, I do not think it was a common place assertion.’

The student added that she was ‘shocked’ that it was suggested that she should have to say God isn’t real.

The student was so distraught she told her mother, Chantel, what had happened, texting her, according to her testimony before Katy ISD’s Board of Education, ‘We had to deny God is real. Yeah, we had to say he was just a myth … She told me I was wrong bc I put it was fact … I said he is real and she said that can’t be proven,’ reports EAGnews.com[5].

The irate mom complained to the school.

The school says the teacher is extremely upset and also a Christian, and that she just meant for the assignment to encourage critical thinking.

A spokesman for the school said the teacher ‘shouldn’t be vilified.’

Woolley testified before Katy ISD’s Board of Education: ‘Today I was given an assignment in school that questioned my faith and that told me that God is not real.’

‘A kid was literally graded against her faith in god in a classroom,’ said the outraged mom. ‘In college but in seventh grade? Are we talking about impressionable 12- or 13-year-olds or are we talking about 24-year-olds in college who already have a firm grasp of the world around them?’

The school, however, says the assignment was not graded. However, it also added that the assignment was ‘ill-conceived and because of that, its intent had been misconstrued.’

Dr. Rom Crespo, the Coordinator for Parent and Patron Assistance Center of Katy ISD, told the Daily Mail Online that ‘at no time did the teacher say that God was a myth or God wasn’t real.’

He said the correct answer for the assignment was that the statement ‘God is real’ is a ‘commonplace assertion’ and that, so far as he knew, Wooley had answered that the statement was ‘fact.’

He added that ‘the appropriate personnel action’ has been taken but would not comment on whether the teacher would be reprimanded or fired.

The assignment has been pulled.

The school is covering its butt royally here, first claiming that the assignment was not graded and that it was ill-conceived. They are also calling the student a liar, by saying the teacher did not tell her that God is not real. They also reworded the answer somewhat and claimed the teacher was a Christian. Christians don’t tend to word things that way. If the teacher was so innocent, why was ‘the appropriate personnel action’ taken? They wouldn’t say whether she was reprimanded or fired. Any bets on firing? The assignment was pulled – once again, if there was indeed nothing wrong with it, why was it pulled? Shame on these people and their political agendas.




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