These People Are The Undisputed Masters Of Firearms Sales

by Matt Vespa | December 28, 2013 2:05 pm

It’s really the seat of irony, but when it comes to firearms sales; liberals are unmatched. : As soon as their anti-gun rhetoric rears its ugly head, every law-abiding citizens rushes to their local gun store. : Let’s take a look at Colorado.

It had two tragic shootings back-to-back. : It enacted atrocious anti-gun laws in the aftermath of the 2012 Aurora shooting, which led to the recalls of two pro-gun control state senators[1] and the resignation of a third[2]. : In the meantime, Colorado has seen record Christmas Day gun sales[3].

Coloradoans, apparently, like their guns. The great state of New New York (AKA: Colorado) is on track to break the previous record of total gun sales in the state… At least, that’s according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. By year end, Colorado will have conducted tens of thousands more background checks for gun purchases than ever before in state history.

Some of the up-tick in firearm purchases could be contributed to gun enthusiasts’ desire to buy up firearms before legislators and a certain governor (ahem*Hickenlooper*ahem) choose to outlaw the practice. Advocates of recent gun control laws, however, are suggesting the increase in background checks are a result of “universal background checks’; and are therefore proof that the new laws are keeping Coloradoans safer.

“Dozens of criminals would be walking around with a gun right now if not for the new law,” said Rep. Rhonda Fields, a Colorado legislator with no apparent capacity to digest the meaning of the word “criminal”. Because, ya know, dozens of criminals tried to purchase a firearm from drug dealers, gun runners, and fellow gang members — only to find out that they were unable to pass the required background check. “Oh well,” they said to themselves when their fellow criminal reported the unfortunate denial from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. “I guess I’ll just go back to being an unarmed, and passive, member of society.”

Oh, I just couldn’t leave out the drivel from the anti-gun left about background checks. : It’s just too entertaining. : Yet, for all the bellyaching we do about liberals’ inane crusade to destroy the Second Amendment, they sure can increase firearms sales. After all, an armed citizenry is a necessity. It’s almost as important as the free flow of information. : So, thank you liberals for making America better armed over the past couple of months.

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