They Asked This Pastor “Is Abortion Murder?” And His Response Gave Me The Chills [Video]

They Asked This Pastor “Is Abortion Murder?” And His Response Gave Me The Chills [Video]

This is a fantastic video that every person should see. Chandler couldn’t possibly lay out the argument against abortion any more clearly than this. At eight weeks, a fetus has fingerprints, DNA, a blood type, brain activity, dreams and recoils from pain. I contend that they also have a soul. At twenty-one weeks, the baby could survive outside of the womb most of the time. Yet, the majority of abortions worldwide take place after that point. Liberals are even admitting that it is a human life being ended. But what they say is that some lives are more important than others. They choose to play God. They are modern day Mengeles and would do the Nazis proud.

Matt Chandler

From Qpolitical:

It’s a dilemma people are facing: can you be pro-choice and a Christian? Isn’t the Bible clear on life? It is, and it’s clear about a lot of other things too, but that doesn’t keep people from living the way that they please—without regard for the King and His Kingdom and it’s principles for life.

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Jesus said it of the religious people of his day, but His words sound a lot like the American church of today: “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” (Matthew 15:8).

It’s sad that we live in a time where life is not valued. We’ve traded convenience instead of commitment and it’s evidence is shown no greater than in our families.

When Dallas-based pastor of The Village Church, Matt Chandler stood up to speak on the issue of abortion, I had no idea his words would be so moving or so powerful.

You have to hear this! It will seriously silence every unbeliever and those who haven’t seen the light about choosing LIFE.

“Who chooses whose life has the most value?! Who gets the most power? That sounds like Nazi Germany excrement to me.”

He speaks about the development of babies and speaks directly against the argument from liberals that babies in the womb are non-autonomous entities as the mercy of the mother’s choice. But that’s not true. They have their own DNA. They have their own fingerprint. They have their own purpose and destiny.

As scripture puts it, and science is confirming,

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” (Psalm 139)

Let this be our prayer for America:

“Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God, end abortion and send revival to America.”

If most women were honest with themselves, they get an abortion because of convenience. Our society seems to no longer value life. We leave butchers to clean up what we consider a mistake – a mess. And then we go on as if murder was not just committed in our names. I love this pastor and his passion for telling the truth… for preaching what is right. How could anyone watch this video and not be moved? How could they not reconsider what they are about to do? A baby is a miracle and a gift. No other species murders their young in the womb the way humans do. Monsters such as the butchers of Planned Parenthood are beyond horrific. They are Frankensteins who market human, baby body parts for profit. If that isn’t evil, I don’t know what is. And the logic of Liberals justifying fetal genocide is not only a lie and makes no sense, it is a telling sign of murderous psychosis. It is not for us to choose who has more value – who lives and who dies and how – America must stop the holocaust of our young for us to survive.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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