This Student’s Art Project Is Going Viral… You’ll Know Why When You See It

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | February 22, 2016 11:45 am

I have seen a lot of art projects[1] over the years and some were truly patriotic, but I think this one takes the red, white and blue cake! Jacob Feazel, who is a high school senior at Maconaquah High School in Bunker Hill, Indiana, came up with a brilliant idea for his senior art project… I wish I had thought of this one. He took 4,466 toy soldiers from seven different armies and spray painted each one either red, white or blue. He then painstakingly glued them to a platform to form an American flag. It really is a wonder. He made his masterpiece over 11 days… it took 56 hours of intensive dedicated work to pull this off. His mother was so proud, she posted pics of his artwork to Facebook where it went uber viral. People started contacting them from all over the planet. Military families especially love the display.


From TheBlaze:

Indiana High school student Jacob Feazel’s art project required 4,466 tiny toy army men, between 20-30 cans of spray paint and over eleven days of work to create a very special American flag.

Feazel’s flag was built from scratch using a four by six sheet of plywood as base to hold the toy soldiers. Jacob’s mom, Stacy Bishop-Feazel[3] documented the entire process and posted photos on Facebook.


Once completed, the massive flag was loaded into a pickup truck and taken to Maconaquah High School in Bunker Hill, Indiana.


Jacob’s incredible work was inspired by the famous Memorial Flag work by artist Dave Cole. I actually prefer Jacob’s as he painted each individual soldier for his piece. Cole slathered paint on his green army figurines. People are lining up with offers to buy the flag, but Jacob is declining for now. He plans on entering it into the Cole Porter Scholarship contest before submitting it to various art shows in his area. Grissom Air Reserve Base has asked to display his work as well. Jacob is a patriotic kid who did his project to honor the military and those who serve. His goal is to work for Disney’s animation department. Jacob has a ton of talent and I’m sure he’ll go far. I hope he does more artwork… he’s fantastic at it.

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