Tim McGraw gives mortgage-free homes to vets, upping his Independence Day mojo

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | July 3, 2015 10:28 am

Tim McGraw is not only talented[1], he’s just a great guy. Instead of swimming in his own fame, McGraw is out there giving mortgage-free homes away to veterans who so desperately need them. Bless him for doing this and for not forgetting those who laid their lives down, so we could rest easy at night, all safe and snug in our warm beds. Tim McGraw is a very humble man who has his head on straight and his soul in check. During this tour, he will give away 36 homes to vets. He’s already given away over 100 of them with the help of Operation Homefront and Chase Bank. Unlike the VA, who is scandal-ridden and turning away our warriors who have come home, McGraw and Company are making sure they have a home to come back to as well as open arms full of appreciation and gratitude.

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From Upworthy:

This guy is like Nashville royalty.

With chart-topping hit after hit spanning decades and his high-profile marriage to Faith Hill, he could easily just bask in the glow of all of his blessings and say peace-out to everyone else.

But he keeps humble and rolls out the red carpet for others instead — namely, veterans.

By the time he’s done with his “Shotgun Rider” tour, he’s set to give away 36 houses to veterans who’ve returned from war. MORTGAGE-FREE. One at each tour stop along the way. And he’s already given away over 100 homes to veterans since 2012 with the help of Operation Homefront and Chase Bank.

Operation Homefront[3]

Operation Homefront serves a variety of needs that can crop up for veterans in the gaps between their own resources and what Veterans Affairs can provide — needs like auto repair, emergency housing, food, and more. Visit their site to donate or to seek help as a veteran[4].

When McGraw was asked why this is important, his response was simple.

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For the veterans he’s helping, this program means the world.

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We all have varying opinions on military policies. But no matter how we feel about that, most of us can agree that taking care of veterans is an important promise for America to uphold. And big ups to anyone who, like Tim, is putting their money where their mouth is to do just that.

After all our boys and girls have done for us in the military, it is incumbent on America to take care of them when they come back, no matter what shape mentally or physically they are in. Their healthcare and finances should all be arranged, including a job and a place to stay. Too many vets wind up on the street, cold and ill. Many commit suicide. That’s a national disgrace. Tim McGraw is doing his part to pay our debt to our warriors; the least the US government could do is step up and do the same. Regardless of your political stance, we all know that taking care of our vets is the right and moral thing to do. Tim McGraw puts that in the forefront of all he does.

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