US Aid Worker Brutally Stabbed to Death in Costa Rica by Jilted Boy Toy Lover

US Aid Worker Brutally Stabbed to Death in Costa Rica by Jilted Boy Toy Lover

Sondra Lynn Elizondo was an aid worker with Vida Volunteer organization. The organization is short on details, but evidently they supply free dental, health and veterinary care in disadvantaged countries such as Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Elizondo would jet back and forth between Florida and Costa Rica to see her young lover. She was 46, divorced and had two children. He is in his 20’s and was evidently controlling and murderously jealous. Elizondo viewed the two-year relationship as casual. Her boy toy did not. She was found by a maid in a hotel room naked, sprawled on the bed with a bloody pillow over her face. She was brutally stabbed to death – to be precise… she was stabbed 15 times. Then her safe, luggage and room were ripped off. The police have now arrested the 25 year-old lover.


From the Daily Mail:

The boy toy lover of murdered US aid worker Sondra Lynn Elizondo stabbed her 15 times in a frenzied attack because she tried to end their two year ‘casual relationship’, police believe.

Daily Mail Online has been told that cops in Costa Rica are developing a theory that the prime suspect in her murder last week then stole several of Elizondo’s personal belongings from their hotel room in the capital San Jose.

That is the narrative Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigation Department (OIJ) – the equivalent of the FBI – is currently working on as they try to solve the murder.

It has also emerged that agents for OIJ arrested a 25-year-old man late on Friday night on suspicion of the killing.

How does a non-profit aid worker afford to live a swinger lifestyle like this? It’s a horrible tragedy. No one deserves to die like that. But she was getting frisky with someone she did not know well, or see that often. She was visiting swinger hotels and carrying on like she was a teenager. Her family and friends say she was caring and giving. Maybe she was all of that, but she was living in a way that was to say the least, risky. The lover killed her in a fit of jealous rage when she threatened to end the relationship and leave him. Stabbing someone that way takes a lot of anger and hate. It’s personal. They found her belongings in his home, so the evidence is pretty damning against the guy. Right now security video is being reviewed to nail him but good for the murder. A fight was heard in their suite that night, but he muffled her screams with a pillow as she fought for her life and lost. There was blood everywhere. Her family must be devastated. What a horrible way to leave this world.





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