VIDEO WARNING! See How Easy it is to Roofie a Girl’s Drink

by Warner Todd Huston | June 10, 2015 11:24 am

The “date rape” drug Roofies have several official names. Flunitrazepam, Narcozep, Rohypnol, Rohipnol, or Roipnol, all are the drug that has been used to snare unaware women and take advantage of them and in this scary video Joey Salad shows how easy it is to drug an unsuspecting woman’s drink.

On his Youtube page, Joey Salad explained his experiment this way: “Date Rape is a big problem, I know plenty of people who have been drugged and luckily they were not victim to Date Rape, So Please spread this message to protect young women.”

Check out his video…

Scary, isn’t it? So BE AWARE of your surroundings, girls.

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