Watch crowd of radical protesters descend on a St. Louis mall screaming at ‘racist’ white people

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | October 15, 2014 10:42 am

Having worn themselves out from screaming ‘racism’ on the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, racists who label others as racists are now descending on shopping and sporting venues to make their voices heard. A crowd of mostly teenagers and radicals stormed the upscale Plaza Frontenac in St. Louis on Monday afternoon. The mall includes Nieman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Michael Kors, Talbots, Tiffany & Co. and several upscale stores. They were marching and chanting: “This is what democracy looks like.”[1]

Gateway Pundit[2]

From Biz Pac Review[3]:

Demonstrators moved on from specifically protesting the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson to indicting white Americans as racists, pretty early on in the game.

To bring attention to racial injustice, they are swarming sports venues and public retail establishments, like Walmart, making loud demands for ” freedom” and “justice” – and calling white people racist, of course.

In the following video we found on Weasel Zippers[4], a group of protesters invaded a mall in St. Louis.

Zippers nails it with this description:

Way to get your point across, pick some random mall and yell at the white people there about how “it’s our duty to fight for our freedom.” And while I’m at it, anyone know what “freedom” they are being denied?

60 more amassed at the downtown City Hall. They blew whistles and started chanting in the building. Most of the offices were closed for Columbus Day. And guess what? The protests were all organized[5] by radical, left-wing groups. Color me unsurprised. Was that racist? Anyway, nearly 50 people had the cuffs slapped on[6] over the protests today in St. Louis. St. Louis… the radical gateway.

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