Whataburger Fast Food Chain Refuses to Recognize Texas Open Carry Gun Law

by Warner Todd Huston | July 13, 2015 4:08 pm

Fast food chain Whataburger has decided that it still won’t allow customers to enter its Texas stores openly carrying a firearm quite despite the fact that state law now allows for it.

Gun rights groups are calling for a boycott of the chain. The chain claims that its property rights trump customers’ gun rights.

Whataburger CEO Preston Atkinson said in a letter that employees and customers are “uncomfortable being around someone with a visible firearm.” The CEO went on to describe “himself as an avid hunter with a concealed-carry license and noted that patrons licensed to carry concealed handguns will still be able to do so in Whataburger.”

One thing that makes people less uncomfortable around guns is being around guns.

Atkinson’s letter comes after Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill that made it legal to carry a firearm openly in Texas.

The law, which gives private property owners the right to prohibit open carry, was hailed as a victory for gun rights advocates who have staged high-profile rallies at the Alamo and Texas Capitol over the past couple of years. Some even brought military-style assault rifles into businesses as part of their demonstrations, prompting the Chipotle restaurant chain to discourage firearms on their premises.

Texas Restaurant Association CEO Richie Jackson is not surprised by Whataburger’s announcement, saying that “gun rights do not trump property rights.”

“It can’t be kept a secret,” he said. “Given the number of units that they have in Texas, they just wanted to make it very clear as to where they were going to be, and I would expect to see a number of restaurants follow.”

Moms Demand Action put out a statement, of course, applauding Whataburger’s decision. The “mom” gun grabbers have successfully petitioned other chains (Sonic and Chili’s) to disallow firearms.

So, if property rights trump other rights, then why can’t people refuse to serve gays?

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