When Bullying Goes Way Wrong: Size Really Doesn’t Matter [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 29, 2015 9:34 am

If you are going to get in someone’s face like that, expect to get decked[1]. Figuring because you are ‘bigger’ than someone else gives you the edge in a confrontation is just wickedly foolish as this video shows. The big guy swung clumsily at the little guy and then got taken out with a hook to his jaw. The punch took him down and bloodied him significantly in the mouth and nose. He staggered to his feet and just kept on mouthing off. Some idiots just never learn that in a fight, size does not matter as much as intent.

Bullying Gone Wrong[2]

From YouTube:

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I find all this testosterone-laden posturing simply moronic and boring. It’s utterly predictable. I don’t blame the smaller guy for taking the guy out. He didn’t start it, but he sure finished it. He left the bigger thug leaning on a building until the police arrived. He didn’t even get any sympathy from the cops either and for that, I am grateful. When you think you are some kind of gangster and that you are above others enough to bully them like that… when you get taken down several pegs, it serves you right. Unfortunately, I doubt this jerk will ever learn his lesson. He’ll justify his aggressive ways until someone takes him down permanently.

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