Whoa! Trump’s Campaign Manager Appears to Grab Protester by Collar and Violently Yank Him Back

Whoa! Trump’s Campaign Manager Appears to Grab Protester by Collar and Violently Yank Him Back

Corey Lewandowski is at it again. First he grabs Michelle Fields of Breitbart and denies it. Now this. Fields later resigned alongside Breitbart’s former editor-at-large, Ben Shapiro, in protest against Breitbart News’ handling of the situation. Three others also left Breitbart after the incident. This video that was taken at Trump’s Tucson rally clearly shows Lewandowski and another man behind a protester arguing with him. As the kid starts shouting and tries to rush into the crowd, Lewandowski grabs his collar and the other guy grabs him on the back. They both yank the kid back violently. He then spins around to confront them. See video below. The Trump campaign is denying this happened just as they did over Michelle Fields. That’s called ‘lying’ boys.


From TheBlaze:

Video footage has emerged that appears to show Donald Trump’s campaign manager grabbing a protester’s collar during the Republican presidential candidate’s Saturday rally in Arizona just weeks after the campaign manager was accused of assaulting a Breitbart reporter at a press conference.

In this video clip, Corey Lewandowski appears to be grabbing a Trump protester by his collar and pulling him backwards into the crowd gathered at Trump’s Arizona rally.

Trump’s campaign issued a statement following the incident claiming that Lewandowski was not the one grabbing the protester by his collar.


This was the same rally where a black Trump supporter punched, kicked and stomped an anti-Trump protester who was being led out by police. See below. That supporter was also arrested and led off. This does not bode well for the atmosphere at Trump rallies. He says he does not condone violence and then he does. Then you have the violent leftists outside who are not only willing to fight but want to bait Trump supporters into a fight. Trump’s campaign manager is a bully as far as I’m concerned and instead of standing by the guy, he should cut him loose. Unless of course he’s just the right kind of thug that Trump needs and supports. How much evidence do people need that Lewandowski is off the rails? This video and photo pretty much prove my point.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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