Daily Kos Post Of The Day: The Tea Partiers Are Media Darlings Unlike The Anti-War Movement

by John Hawkins | May 4, 2010 9:43 am

Today, as I perused the Daily Kos, I ran across an intriguingly titled diary entry: “Tea Party Lives, Peace/Anti-War Movement Dead[1].” The reason it:  is intriguing, of course,:  is because it:  is correct and you don’t see a lot of that on the Daily Kos.

However, even a correct headline on the Daily Kos doesn’t merit a post. But, what does : merit another look:  is some of the most deluded analysis I’ve ever seen on a website not solely devoted to conspiracies. Prepare yourself for a journey into a Kos-powered liberal topsy-turvy world where the media loves the Tea Parties and the poor anti-war movement was never able to get an even break,

Long and short, teabaggers are ascendent because they are media darlings and anti-war/peace activists have been totally marginalized and all of it accomplished by the very same media that is supposed to be “so liberal’.

Anti-war protestors get assailed by law enforcement from every angle and were ousted from public meetings for wearing Peace t-shirts while teabaggers can show up to public debates with large guns and cops PROTECT them.

Anti-war protesters are denigrated in the media (when not totally ignored) while teabaggers can’t be covered by corporate media enough.

The same non-liberal media that has choked the anti-war movement has created the teabagger. They are ‘real’ and probably here to stay, as the author of the first article suggests, but they a fake creation of a corporate media.

This is why it doesn’t matter if they can spell or even know which end is up, which I don’t think they do.

They are literally tools of corporate media.

Really? The Tea partiers are “media darlings?” Is this the same media that endlessly denigrates them as un-American, mobs, racists, hatemongers, and Nazis? The same media that’s constantly speculating the Tea Parties are about to break out into violence?

You want to compare the coverage of the Tea Parties to the anti-war protests? They got more coverage, friendlier coverage, favorable crowd estimates, and every bit of extremism was buried by the mainstream media.

But if liberals admit that, they’d have to look at the real reason the anti-war movement has fallen apart. Yes, there are still two wars going on. Yes, Barack Obama has continued practices that the anti-war movement doesn’t like. Yes, there are still plenty of people against the wars. However, the truth is that the anti-war movement was mainly about politics. Most of the people in the streets were there because they hated Bush and pretending to be terribly upset about the war was as good of an excuse as any to vent. If the anti-war movement believed:  its : own BS, the protests would be every bit as big today as they were during the Bush years.

Now:  when:  Republicans get back into power and they don’t fight tooth and nail to reduce the size of government, the Tea Partiers will be tested the same way. But, that test has yet to happen. The anti-war movement has already failed:  its : test and it certainly wasn’t because of the lack of favorable media coverage.

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