‘For The Children’, Unless They are Republican, Natch

‘For The Children’, Unless They are Republican, Natch

Proving that their hypocrisy extends beyond Faux-Feminism, some women on the Left are now revealing that For the Children ™ is also “just words”. You see, it’s totally cool to make fun of a politician’s children now, as long as you think their Mom or Dad is icky.

This disturbing, yet eye-opening trend, really began to take hold with the disgraceful way Sarah Palin’s daughters were treated. Personal attacks on politicians are oftentimes beyond the pale, yet are expected. That’s the name of the game; politics can be a dirty business. And not in the fun way. But, the exploitation of their children, even at the hands of the Press, crosses an even more abhorrent line. Worse, it is often done by people who have somehow managed to erroneously convince many others that they embrace feminism and are looking out for, or are advocates for, children.

We all remember: David Letterman’s “knocked up” joke about a Palin daughter. While he later claimed he made a mistake and meant Bristol and not Willow, the 14 year old, it still meant he was calling a beautiful young mother a : slutty tramp. The trampy meme seems to be popular with the Left, especially when it comes to attractive Conservatives and this, for them, now includes their offspring.: The latest victims? Scott Brown’s daughters, Ayla and Arianna.

Michelle Malkin points out : a story running on : Huffington Post, where they are trying to turn a vacation picture of Brown and his daughters into something creepy. Girls wearing swimsuits while on a family vacation?! Egads! The horror! What’s the problem? Are they upset that the daughters look absolutely lovely? Or that the family looks happy and like they are having fun? Instead of trying to make babies cry and pulling puppy tails, as they would expect Republicans to do, I suppose.

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Next, an alleged “Women’s site” called : Double X, whose tag-line is “what women really think”, puts up:  a piece whose sole purpose is to bash Ayla Brown. Firstly, kindly change your tag-line. As a woman, I ask that you cease and desist your false advertising, since you do: not: encompass what I really think. Secondly, grow up. The writer, Lauren Bans, : chose to write an entire article (term used loosely) about the fact that Ayla Brown has a personal website. Somehow, we were supposed to find that super amusing — except, you know, Ayla Brown was on: American Idol and she is an actress, thus: needs a website for business and publicity purposes. I guess that didn’t occur to Miss Bans (I hope the Miss totally irks her). See, Ayla Brown has actually accomplished things in the recent past — perhaps the same can’t be said about Miss Bans?

She opens by bashing: Ayla’s website itself, then rambles on about Meghan McCain for some unfathomable reason, and then wraps up by snidely mocking Ayla’s singing and lyrics, all while attempting to arrive at some sort of point of the article (she fails miserably):

And what does Ayla reveal about Brown family, if anything? Well, her Web site paints her as the perfect Northeastern version of a conservative, values-friendly Southern Belle. She has acting and singing ambitions, but you know, nothing too risqué. She sings the national anthem at ball games. She tries out for: American Idol, not: Real World. You may have seen something like these lyrics from her song “Thanks to You” in your high school guidance counselor’s office:

Nothing, is gonna get in my way,
no one is gonna take my dreams away
Nothing can stop me, I can do anything,
No one can tell me how life is supposed to be
In the meantime I’ll hang on to my dreams
and I thank you, for everything

Oh, the humanity! She sings, but not too risque. She knows the words to the National Anthem – that’s so old school! She doesn’t want to appear on: MTV‘s : Real World; a show where if they really wanted to “shock” people, they would have the roommates NOT hop into bed together on day two. Oh, yes, Miss Bans, that is so mock-worthy. : It’s a good thing we have women like you to remind us of how dim-witted we Conservative women, and our children, are.

If you are intent on ridiculing people, faux-feminists, I suggest that you start by looking in the mirror. Feminist, Heal Thyself.

(Cross-posted at David Horowitz’s NewsReal)

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