2010 Census Says California State Budget is $254 Billion, Not $90 Billion

by Jane Jamison | January 7, 2011 11:12 pm

Californians have not been told the truth about how much the state government is spending.:  A blockbuster bit of information has been buried in a new U.S. Census report and has not been covered by the mainstream media.: : : This : raises questions about the integrity of:  California’s legislature,:  former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, indeed about ANYONE who has been involved with the stewardship of public funds and the California state budget.:  Who is going to explain this and when?

We have been told the last few years that California state spending has been under $100 billion dollars a year, around $90 billion, with a budget deficit currently at about $28 billion.: : 

The actual amount of state spending is a whopping 60% higher than stated : $254.3 billion, with a “debt” listed at $134 billion.

This information is derived from a little-noticed blog post in the California City New organization blog,[1] which was based on the 2010 census report.

The Census Bureau has completed a report on the state’s finances, and the total amount spent last year was a whopping $254.3 billion. You’ll recall that the new administration is grappling with the state’s already large budget deficit, which currently stands at more than $25 billion. In comparison to other states, California certainly takes the top spot when it comes to the state that spent the most (although we are the most populous in the union). Overall, the 50 states in total had $1.8 trillion in spending, and California amounted for 14 percent. In fact, California spent $100 billion more than the state of New York. The Bee reports:

“The state general fund, which is the focus of the deficit debate, accounts for just a third of total state spending, which includes special funds such as those devoted to highways, and federal funds. Federal funds accounted for about $60 billion of the state’s spending in 2009 while personal income taxes, at $44.4 billion, were the state’s largest source of tax revenue. Education was the largest single category of state spending at $73.2 billion with welfare second at $63.6 billion.”

The report shows year-end “debt” of $134 billion, which is a far cry higher than the already-whopping $28 billion deficit.

CA Political News and Views publisher Steven Franks carried the story Friday with an editorial:[2]

“Arnold said his budget was under $100 billion.:  The legislature claimed they voted for a budget under $100 billion.:  Every single newspaper in the State discussed the affect of a budget under $100 billion.They ALL Lied.

A budget is the sum of all the money you spend, on energy, housing, food, entertainment.:  Our State government has figured out a way to lie to us and force us to believe expenditures are 60% than they really are.”

The entire report from the Census bureau is here.[3]

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