A Coalition No One Wants To Join: Lame-O’s Unite!

by Melissa Clouthier | August 26, 2010 1:27 am


Well, isn’t this just a who’s who of awesome? The Park-51, i.e Cordoba Mosque, i.e. Ground Zero Mosque protesters of the protesters enjoy a weird little niche in American politics[2]:

Coalition Endorsements

Al-Awda NY: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

International Socialist Organization

Movement for a Democratic Society

World Can’t Wait

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Newtork

Labor for Palestine

New York City Labor Against the War

American Muslims for Palestine

Delaware Valley Veterans for America

Socialist Party USA


International Action Center

Peace Action New York State

Peace Action Staten Island

Anti-American all of them. Redistributionists, aka thieves, all of them. Commies. Pinkos. Weirdos. And they’re all for the Ground Zero Mosque. What lovely bedfellows these folks make.

  1. [Image]: http://libertypundits.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/codepinkchavez2.jpg
  2. weird little niche in American politics: http://www.stopislamophobia.org/?page_id=45

Source URL: https://rightwingnews.com/democrats/a-coalition-no-one-wants-to-join-lame-os-unite/