About That Big L.A. May Day Parade… A BIG Bust

Remember that L.A. May Day parade? It was supposed to be a big deal, you know? You see, there was supposed to be 50,000 protesters marching in downtown Los Angeles to protest over how rotten the U.S. treats illegal immigrants.

As JWF tells us, local LA TV was all about helping the purported 50,000 immigration protesters turn out its people to focus America’s attention on making sure illegal immigrants become fully legal. Nothing less than full amnesty will do.

Yep, 50,000. That’s a lotta folks. It would be a pretty big statement to have 50,000 protesters.

So, the big day came. Guess how many showed up? A couple of hundred.

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By 10 a.m. only a few hundred immigrant rights and labor activists had gathered at Broadway and Olympic Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles to rally public support for legislation that would legalize the nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants.

Oh. Ooopsie.

Of course we all know what “May Day parade” means, don’t we? Yes, that’s right. It’s a communist-inspired celebration. Would that we could see more leftist efforts like this fail so miserably.

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