Ahead Of Pitiful Enrollment Numbers, White House Cranks Up The Spin Machine

by William Teach | November 13, 2013 7:59 am

One thing we can always depend on from Team O and Democrats is that they never let reality get in the way of spin, and their Obamacare spin has typically made Baghdad Bob smile. Seriously, this Healthcare Tara[1] thing is creepy. And now they’re turning it up a bit more

(Politico[2]) One thing we know: The first Obamacare sign-up numbers will be disappointing.

Another thing we know: The White House isn’t waiting to put its spin on things. Administration officials have been lowering expectations since before sign-up began Oct. 1, urging reporters not to make a big fuss over the initial enrollment numbers.

But after the website debacle, the bad press of people losing their health plans and President Barack Obama’s defense and then walk-back of his “if you like your plan, you can keep it” slogan, the White House has a tougher job on its hands. There’s essentially no avoiding a bad news cycle, but there are ways to mitigate the damage.

The first bit of spin we’ll be hearing is that only 123 people signed up for Romneycare during its first month of being live. Of course, the pool of people looking to sign up, ie, uninsured, was much, much smaller. Nor were there lots and lots of people losing their health insurance. Romneycare didn’t include provisions that caused the loss of insurance, unlike Obamacare. Let’s also not forget that Team O were pushing for 500k in the first month. Furthermore, they initially stated that healthcare.gov was experiencing trouble do to heavy web traffic. Dems and Team O will also note that enrollments would be higher if only that website worked.

The third is typical misdirection

3. If only Republicans would cooperate

It sure is hard to roll out a national entitlement program when half the country’s politicians are actively trying to stop it.

Yes, they will attempt to Blame Republicans for failing to help out.

They’ll also note that Bush did it too, or something, with his Medicare Part D legislation. You know, because that’s totally the same.

Finally, they’ll push their “it’ll get better meme”

This is the running theme for the White House. The website is being fixed. People thrown out of health insurance plans will get better and cheaper ones. A host of new consumer-friendly rules are good for women and the chronically ill.

If only people knew the benefits of Obamacare, Obama told an Organizing for Action summit last week, the law would be more popular.

Except, this has been law for over three years, and people are not liking it better. The cancellations are rolling out week by week, and wait till the time comes when businesses are getting cancelled. Technically, my plan is being cancelled, though I won’t get a notification since I work for a big company. We get a choice of 3 plans for the enrollment period. But we do not know what the costs are yet. We haven’t even gotten to the point of discussing the loss of doctors, the limitation of doctors and medical facilities, and the long, long wait lines. Then the denial of service. The exploding costs. And many more problems.

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