Alec Baldwin Calls HuffPo Readers Stupid

by Warner Todd Huston | August 4, 2011 12:20 pm

Ooopsie. Looks like all is not honey and roses in the left-wing, out of the mainstream land of Huffington Post. When one of the site’s most popular bloggers and celebrities calls HuffyPo readers stupid, it makes for a tense atmosphere among the out of the stratosphere left.

Alec Baldiwn, famed for his left-wing diatribes — oh, and some acting here and there — took to Twitter once again to criticize the readers and commenters at HuffPo after a gaggle of negative comments posted at the tail end of one of his latest[1] HuffPo screeds.


“The reading comprehension level of the HuffPo comments folks is alarmingly low. I mean, downright awful,” Baldwin lamented.

Now, usually when I write about things like this I go into why the comment by the writer was made, what misconceptions were evinced by his critics, and what his response was to those critics… but it’s Alec Baldwin and Huffington Post we are talking about here. Making sense of anything that goes on there is somewhat impossible, not to mention a waste of time.

Suffice to say, it is interesting to see leftists calling each other names. And this isn’t the only time Alec Baldwin has scolded readers of HuffPo. He’s done it on Twitter before[3].

All this internecine name-calling between Baldwin and HuffPo readers made Laura Donovan of Daily Caller wonder if it was copasetic with the staff of HuffPo if its own writers constantly disparaged the site’s readers?

Personally, I would think there isn’t any real proscription against it other than good taste. Seriously. Baldwin should be able to diss his own readers all he wants. Besides, he’s right at least about the general level of idiocy seen in the comments section of HuffPo. Of course, the articles themselves are no better, but, well… I mean… it’s Huffington Post, ya know?

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