Capital Hill Switchboard Illegally Being Used to Push Obamacare? (Question Solved)

by Warner Todd Huston | September 27, 2009 2:02 am


I have finally tracked down what this number is. Apparently it is a left-wing group that uses this 1-800 number as a re-direct to the Capitol Hill switchboard. You call the number, hear the message, and then it re-directs you to the real switchboard. The message is not being hosted on the government service.

This is not the normal number of the Capitol Hill switchboard.

Well, we have gotten to the bottom of this Capitol Hill switchboard number business. It is really the work of a left-wing group called Families USA. They are trying to pass off this 1-800 number as that of the switchboard, but it is not. (Here is an ad from a few years ago where they feature the number.)

But isn’t it interesting how these lefty groups have to lie to their own people? I mean, they are selling this as the number to “contact your Reps and Senators” as if it IS the Hill switchboard. This lefty group is even misleading its own folks! Brazen, eh?

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Well, this certainly can’t be legal… can it? If you call one of the numbers that leads you to the switchboard for Congress, the number you’d call to be put through to your Congressman or Senator’s office, you get a short message selling Obama’s healthcare snake-oil before being transferred to the switchboard operator.

How can this even be legal? After all, this isn’t the Democrat Party hotline we are talking about here. It is the main phone number representing all of Congress, not just Obama and his nationalized healthcare policies. I repeat, this is the phone number for all of Congress, not an activist’s number to sell Democrats and their policies.

I just cannot see how this is legal, and even if it is legal it is gauche and not right. Can the message for the Congressional switchboard be used for partisan purposes? I just can’t see it being legal.

While it lasts, try it yourself and you’ll see. The number is 1-800-828-0498.

Here is the transcript of the message you’ll hear:

Thank you for calling your Representative and your Senators.

Please urge them to vote yes on health insurance reform. Because the American people can no longer wait for more choices, lower costs, and coverage we can count on.

After this little message the phone rings once again and is patched through to the switchboard operator.

Here is the audio that I recorded just in case the Obama administration does the “transparent” thing and makes this message disappear down the memory hole.

I have to say, this message is frightening. We can’t even call our representatives without being hit over the head by the socialized healthcare message. Not to mention the fact that the message is a bald-faced lie. Obama’s plan will not give us “more choices,” Obama’s plan will not “lower costs,” and Obamacare will not give us better coverage.

(H/T Lennie at Lake County Tea Party[1].)

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