American Government Must Be Torn Down and Rebuilt

In New York you need a license to work as a gas pumper at a gas station. A contradiction since you do not need that expensive license, training, and government meddling to pump your own gas in New York. In Chicago it is supposedly illegal to fly a kite inside the city limits. In Delaware it is illegal to have a basketball hoop on your driveway. In nearly every city and town it is illegal to build a shed on your own property without government approval and fees spent to “allow” you to do so.

These are all examples of how the United States of America has fallen severely away from the land of liberty and personal freedom we once enjoyed. These are also examples of why we need politicians that will run on eliminating laws, regulations, a government meddling, not adding more.

We are being “governmented” to death, America. The nanny state has reached out to quash everything we as individuals want to do. We cannot put up a yard fence, we aren’t allowed to park certain vehicles on our own property, we cannot have garage sales without licenses, fees, “allowances,” and government meddling.

Government has grown too big. Government is too intrusive. This anti-American nanny state meddling must be stopped if we are to once again take the spot as the world’s freest nation. America has slid to 9th place in that list. The only way to reverse this decline is to tear down all these intrusive government agencies. Fire thousands of useless overly-powerful government lackeys, shut down thousands of agencies and regulatory bodies.

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Government needs to be cut in every sector, every state, every city and county.

We do not need a “new” idea. The old ideas of freedom, liberty, and limited government are just fine. The problem isn’t that our system doesn’t work. It’s that our system has been supplanted by an autocratic, left-wing, Euro-like model, one that was never supposed to have been implemented in America.

We need to vote down any politician of any party who runs for office with a slate of new laws, new regulations and new government nannyism as his platform. We need to get rid of any elected official who similarly proposes such nonsense. All of those that think a new law will fix everything, a new law without getting rid of the old ones, is simply adding layer after layer of useless, intrusive and liberty-killing, anti-American oppression.

Are all laws useless? Of course not. But the game saying that “not all laws are bad” is not an intelligent addition to the debate. We need a comprehensive discussion of what is wrong with this country.

Let’s clean house, shall we?

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