American Teen Who Tried to Run to Syria to Join Jihad Given 4-Year Jail Sentence

by Warner Todd Huston | January 24, 2015 1:50 pm

The 19-year-old Colorado girl who tried to run off to Syria to join the terrorists there whined like a baby to the judge saying she had “disavowed” jihadis, but she was given a four-year jail sentence anyway.

Four years wasn’t nearly enough, of course, but at least she got some jail time.

The girl, Shannon Conley, was nabbed at the airport last year as she was trying to fly to Syria to join the jihad against all non-Muslims. But now she says she *suddenly* realized that the terrorists have “misconstrued” Islam and are teaching a false version of it. Yeah. She “realizes” this just in time to claim she should get a shorter sentence over it all.

You know darn well there would have been no such realization if she was successful in her goal of getting to Syria and become a terrorist.

Anyway, here is how the DailyMail[1] reported it…

A 19-year-old suburban Denver woman who tried to go to Syria to help Islamic State militants has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Shannon Conley, who received military training when she went to a camp run by the US Army Explorers, learned her punishment in Denver federal court on Friday as her parents watched.

Wearing a black and tan headscarf with her jail uniform, she tearfully told the judge that she has disavowed jihad and that the people who influenced her misconstrued the Quran.

Conley pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization in September under a deal that requires her to divulge information she may have about other Americans with similar intentions.

This monster should have been jailed for life with NO parole.

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