Anti-American George Soros and Unions Attempting to Put Power of CA Redistricting in Their Own Hands

by Warner Todd Huston | October 18, 2010 12:17 pm

Bloomberg News is reporting[1] that Charles Munger, Jr., son of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s Charles Munger, has thrown his fortune behind an effort to defeat a campaign funded by unions and the anti-American billionaire George Soros to put redistricting powers back into the hands of politicians bought and paid for by union money.

Munger and his wife have spent some $10.5 million on a plan to continue the creation of a commission composed of five Democrats, five Republicans, and four non-partisan members who are to have the power to affect the redistricting required by Congress as a result of Census statistics.

“I’m doing this to try to ensure voters have fair districts where representatives will compete for offices,” Munger said yesterday in a telephone interview from Palo Alto. “Elected politicians are picking the voters, voters aren’t picking their representatives.”

For their part, Democrats, unions and George Soros are sponsoring Proposition 27[2], a plan to abolish the independent commission and return the redistricting duties to politicians.

Now, at some level I am torn over the whole episode. In ideal situations I’d hate to have some unelected, unaccountable commission determining how my district is arranged and I’d rather want my elected official to be the one to determine the way it should go. After all, as a voter I have the power to affect my local representative but I’d have no way at all to affect this commission.

However, because unions and anti-American outsiders like Soros have bought and paid for 90% of California’s political class, I can see why people don’t trust their elected officials to do something as important as redistricting.

As we have seen with the entire Obama administration, our elected officials don’t care a whit about what the voters think about anything any more. All they care about is the forty pieces of silver that folks like Soros and his union buddies can fill their pockets with.

In saner days I’d support a Prop 27 that would eliminate this unelected commission. But we are no longer in a time where our democracy is working for the voters. California’s is a government of the unions, by the unions, and for the unions. California’s government is bought and sold to unions, anti-Americans like Soros and the self-flagellating Hollywood crowd.

At this point, I’d argue to keep the commission and keep the dirty hands of the elected crooks out of the process.

But I long for saner days where such commissions were unnecessary devices.

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