‘APPALLING PRESIDENT’: Major Democrat Speaks Out, Destroys Obama

by Just An American | December 27, 2016 2:21 pm

As we all know through experience, President Obama’s foreign policies are an absolute failure and due to that fact, we have a disaster to deal with and President-elect Donald Trump has a mess to clean up.


All across the globe, it’s very apparent that things are a lot worse now than they were when Obama entered the White House and many of the things that have come to pass that aren’t doing any of us any good were under his watch and his direction.

No matter where you look… Syria, Libya, Turkey, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea…. fail, fail, fail and fail.[2]

Obama has destroyed more using his pen than anyone has with a weapon. Of course that’s just my opinion…but I can’t be too far off, not after listening to LIBERAL, Alan Dershowitz…

“[History will see President Obama] as one of the worst foreign policy presidents ever,” Dershowitz said.

“He called me into the Oval Office before the inauguration — he said he wanted my support, and he told me he would always have Israel’s back,” Dershowitz said. “I didn’t realize what he meant: That he would have Israel’s back so he could stab them in the back.”

“What he did was so nasty, he pulled a bait and switch. He told the American public this is all about the settlements deep in the West Bank. And yet, he allowed the representative to the U.N. to abstain – which is really a vote for – a resolution that says the Jews can’t pray at the Western Wall, Jews can’t live in the Jewish Quarter [of Jerusalem] where they have lived for thousands of years. And he’s going to say, ‘Whoops! I didn’t mean that!’ Well read the resolution! You’re a lawyer, you went to Harvard Law School.”

Do you agree with Dershowitz? There is no doubt that he has nailed the very issue right on target! Obama has made many look like fools because of his lies and for that…he’s getting hate for it. Well deserved, earned hate. Sadly, that does not stop him from pulling one of the most asinine moves against our allies. Israel is family and what Obama just did should get him disowned for disgracing our family so harshly.

Thankfully, that is coming to pass in just a few weeks now.

I cannot wait.

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