Apparently, Watching To Make Sure There’s Reduced Voter Fraud Is Bad…

When it is conservative groups doing it, that is

There are always concerns about voter fraud on Election Day, but this year many new groups are popping up to keep an eye on the polls. That, in turn, has some people worried that legitimate voters will be intimidated and discouraged from voting.

Along with all the other campaign ads they will hear this week, voters in Minnesota’s Twin Cities are being treated to a provocative radio ad.

Listen to the add. Do you find it “provocative”? Well, I suppose if you are a Democrat, and looking to win at all costs, it might be.

The ad warns that the group is training thousands of citizens to set up surveillance teams outside polling places to look for voter fraud. It’s even offering a $500 reward for information leading to convictions.

Apparently, that’s mean.

“We’re just the people concerned about the integrity in our election process,” says Dan McGrath, executive director of Minnesota Majority, a conservative watchdog group that alleges that past elections in the state have been marred by fraudulent votes. “We go to vote. We want to know that our vote counts, fairly, and that someone else’s ineligible vote isn’t diluting it.”

Oh, I get it, it’s because they are Conservative groups. And there are many, many more cited. You know what that means, right?

Chad Dunn, general counsel for the Texas Democratic Party, says the most aggressive poll watching in early voting has been at African-American and Latino precincts, which lean Democratic.

Our old buddy raaaaacism.

The county attorney’s office and the U.S. Justice Department are now investigating, though no charges have been filed. Still, tensions are high, and the county attorney is recommending that election officials put tape on the floor to separate poll watchers and voters.

Expect to hear lots of calls of “stealing the election,” Republican dirty tricks, and election fraud from Democrats starting early on the 2nd, and reaching a fever pitch as the election precincts start reporting how bad the Democrat losses are on November 2nd, with the Usual Suspects going Force 10 Moonbat when they have woken up from a drunken stupor on the 3rd.

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