Arguing by Arson

Being an American, 72-year-old David Jungerman wanted to exercise his right to express himself politically. So he parked a trailer in his cornfield along US 71 an hour south of Kansas City painted with the message:

Are you a Producer or Parasite
Democrats — Party of the Parasites

Hard to argue with that. Yet the opposition managed this eloquent rebuttal:

On May 12, Jungerman’s trailer was torched. The Rich Hill volunteer fire department responded. A week later, it was set afire again. The firefighters put it out again.

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Then flames erupted in an empty farm house that Jungerman owns.

He reached the obvious conclusion:

“They don’t like free speech.”

Jungerman explained that his message does not refer to the dying breed of moderate and even conservative Democrats, but to “the national Democrat parasite base that is sucking this country dry.”

The truck is still on display — thanks to the vandals:

“I would have pulled it out of there by now if they hadn’t burned the tires off.”

Wherever you have liberals behaving coercively, you have unintended consequences.

Party of parasites — and thugs.

On a tip from SR. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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