At Campaign Event Jeb Bush Claims That Deporting Illegals is ‘Not an American Value’

by Warner Todd Huston | July 28, 2015 10:47 am

At a campaign event at a predominantly Hispanic church in Orlando, Florida yesterday, GOP candidate for president Jeb Bush claimed that deportation is “not an American value.” So, Bush thinks that anyone who advocates deporting lawbreakers, murderers, rapists, and criminals is not American enough for him.

During the talk Bush insisted that all illegals must be made citizens[1]. He then went on to say, “The idea of self deportation or the idea of rounding up people (for deportation) is not an American value.”

You’ll recall back in the last presidential election when GOP candidate Mitt Romney noted that if we make getting jobs harder for illegals they will “self-deport.” In other words, without the jobs they will just go back home where they belong.

Mitt was right about that, too, because just around that time the job market had bottomed out and many thousands of Hispanics were, indeed, leaving the USA and heading back south of the border.

But to Jeb, American citizenship is not a right for Americans. It is a right that anyone who breaks our laws to come here deserves just because they are drawing breath.

Jeb Bush is an advocate of blanket amnesty, eliminating our borders and essentially destroying our sovereign rights as a nation to control immigration.

Jeb Bush is no conservative.

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