Bad News: Democrats Will Focus On Jobs Again

by William Teach | August 4, 2011 9:11 am

And we all know what happens when they actually focus on jobs: things get much worse. Then they get distracted by a shiny abortion or something, and things slowly get worse

The debt ceiling crisis barely was averted Tuesday[1] when President Barack Obama and other top Democrats were ready to change the subject.

Obama offered little praise for the $2.1 trillion deficit package during a press conference at the Rose Garden, instead vowing to fight for “new jobs, higher wages and faster economic growth” in the coming months – an agenda he has tried to resurrect at least a half-dozen times in the past two years.

Democrats on Capitol Hill are backing up Obama, hoping to take up various proposals dropped from the debt ceiling compromise or sidetracked by the winding debate, such as approving trade deals, extending the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance, and allocating funding for new highway infrastructure and a clean energy program.

Blah blah blah, same old stupid ideas that have already been shown to fail. They had two years of full control to push their idiocy which has prolonged and deepened this recession: now they need to get out of the way and let the adults try it. Of course, they will never allow the GOP to try their ideas. And Democrats really have no new ideas. Here’s the Washington Post’s Suzy Kimm[2], posting an AP story at Ezra Klein’s spot

But there are other ideas out there. A canvass of economists and policy analysts returned five suggestions that have, at times, enjoyed bipartisan support, and that could potentially make a real difference:

And those super wonderful ideas?

  1. Infrastructure Bank: They want to “build stuff to put people to work.” Apparently, in Liberal World, everyone is a (unionized) blue collar worker
  2. Surface Transportation Funding: Didn’t we already try fixing potholes and painting bridges with the Stimulus?
  3. New Job Tax Credit: They’ve tried to bribe companies to hire with the Stimulus, too. How’d that work out?
  4. Free Trade Deals: This is simply thrown in there as a sop to Obama’s talking point on this subject. No one can really explain how this will help, just that it will.
  5. Aid to State and Local Governments: So, the federal government is supposed to continue prop up the state and local governments with money they don’t have to do…what, exactly? Again, we tried this with the stimulus, and now the states are in even worse shape.

Liberals really have no new, or worthwhile, ideas. Someone gives a speech and says “we need jobs.” A prarie dog pops its head up and chirps “high speed rail.” Another says “paint bridges.” Another says “spend money.” Amazingly, none of the political wonks ever think to ask successful liberals like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, or Peter Lewis (Progressive Insurance) how to create jobs.

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