Baltimore Mayor Told Police to ‘Stand Down’ And Not Arrest Looters

by Warner Todd Huston | April 29, 2015 3:38 pm

Along with telling the media that she “gave room” for protesters who “wanted to destroy” cars, homes and businesses, now we learn that Democrat Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake also told cops to “stand down” and not to arrest lawbreakers.

You might recall that on Monday that we reported[1] that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said that she purposefully set up areas for rioters to “destroy” instead of trying to stop them. Well, now it has been reported that she is caught in another act[2] of aiding and abetting the rioters.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered the police to stand down as riots and looting broke out across they city, a new report claims.

According to a senior law enforcement source, the embattled mayor effectively told her officers to do nothing as the city began to burn – raising questions as to whether the rioting could have been stopped.

Asked by Fox News if the mayor was responsible for the order, the source said, ‘You are God damn right it was.’

Despite strenuous denials from the mayor herself, this news comes as Baltimore returned to relative calm after the chaos of Monday night as public schools reopened their doors and people returned to work on a bright spring morning.

The city government is just as guilty as the rioters at this point.

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