BANNED: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Goes Toxic and is Dropped from Convention

BANNED: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Goes Toxic and is Dropped from Convention

And as the Democratic Party continues to fight like cats and dogs in the City of Brotherly Love, the DNC chairwoman has stepped down, driven out by a WikiLeaks scandal that revealed the organization’s clear bias against Sanders and for Hillary. As they say, your sins will find you out and they have certainly found out Ms. Wasserman Schultz. It could not have happened to a nicer gal. Read on for details.

From Breitbart:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of the Democratic National Committee has been dropped from the party’s lineup of convention speakers following WikiLeaks’ release of explosive DNC emails showing members of the organization actively working against the Bernie Sanders campaign.
A Democratic insider told CNN that Schultz has been dropped from the lineup to “keep the peace” within the party, amid calls from Sanders’ campaign manager for someone at the DNC to be “held accountable” for the anti-Sanders collusion seen in the leaked emails.

That collusion included the leak of a Sanders campaign document to the Wall Street Journal as well as active attempts to harm Sanders’ image with Southern Baptist Democrats by drawing attention to his atheism.

The DNC, and Wasserman Schultz in particular, came under heavy criticism from Sanders during the primaries, during which he accused them of showing favouritism to Hillary Clinton. In this, the WikiLeaks revelations have wholly vindicated him.

According to CNN, Democrat insiders hope that the absence of Schultz will prevent “chaos on the convention floor” from angry Sanders supporters.

Lies, obfuscation, deceit; these are all nothing new from the Left. From their perspective, the ends always justify the means. And it does not matter how much collateral damage they cause. Wake up Sanders supporters, the Democratic Party is not your friend, they did everything in their power to shut down your candidate while pretending he actually had a chance.

Sonja Bochow

I live in Newark, DE, am married, and the mother of four children; Liam, Brenna, Keira and Erin. I am also a full time Bible teacher and have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from West Chester University.

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