Barack, Michelle Obama Allow Daughter Malia to Have Unsupervised Day With Known Child Molester

by Warner Todd Huston | July 3, 2015 10:50 am

President Obama and wife Michelle allowed eldest daughter, Malia, 17, to visit the set of the often x-rated HBO show “Girls” to spend time–alone–with self-admitted child rapist Lena Dunham this week.

Gossip column Page Six of the New York Post reported[1] that Malia was spotted on the set of the HBO show on Thursday.

President Obama’s eldest daughter was spotted in Williamsburg on Thursday, casually sipping a soft drink while hanging out on the set of the raunchy Lena Dunham comedy.

The 16-year-old — who turns 17 on Saturday — spent about three hours on location in Brooklyn as the HBO show filmed at the Aurora Ristorante, a hipster haven on Grand Street.

There were no sightings of any other Obamas during Malia’s visit, which included time with Dunham, according to sources.

Lena Dunham is notorious for admitting that she sexually abused her own sister[2] when they were younger and when Dunham was a teenager and old enough to know better.

So, apparently the first couple has no problem letting their daughter hang around with an admitted child molester.

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