Bernardine Dohrn: A ‘Useful Idiot’ for Hamas

by Lori Ziganto | January 23, 2010 1:59 pm


Bernardine Dohrn[2], terrorist wife of : Bill Ayers[3], member of : The Weathermen[4] and hostess with the mostest for Barack Obama, joined up with other useful idiots, : Code Pink[5], to bring : ‘humanitarian aid’ to Gaza[6].

Last month 1,300 pro-Palestinian activists from the US and Europe came to the region in the name of peace and social justice to demonstrate their solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza. Led by the self-declared feminist, antiwar group Code Pink, the demonstrators’ plan was to enter Gaza from the Egyptian border at Rafah: and deliver “humanitarian aid” to the Hamas terrorist organization.

By humanitarian aid, they, of course, mean aid and comfort to our enemies. The fact that the trip was organized by : Code Pink[5], a self-avowed : Feminist group[7], brings the hypocrisy up to epic levels. The women of Hamas, evidently, seek to : shatter the glass ceiling — with bombs[8].

We are all the daughters of Palestine, the daughters of steadfast Gaza. We will set out, booby-trapped. From every home, a bomb will set out, and it will explode among the sons of Zion.

The useful idiots don’t even realize that : Hamas[9], a terrorist organization intent on “wiping Israel off the map[10]“, is also oppressing some of its own people. But, see, this doesn’t matter to Dohrn and her cronies. : Hamas[9] is anti-Israel and anti-America. This is all that matters to them.

The group tried to enter Gaza through Egypt, but was stopped by authorities and most were not allowed in. Of course, this was the fault of evil Israel and the United States.

The lucky few allowed into Gaza included neither Evans nor her friends, former: Weather Underground [11]terror leaders: Bernardine Dohrn[2] and: William Ayres[12].: But they bore no grudge against Egypt. The Egyptians were mere puppets of the real culprit: Israel. As Evans said, “It’s obvious that the only reason for [Egypt’s treatment of the demonstrators] is to make Israel happy. Israel is behind the refusal [to allow the demonstrators into Gaza] – what other excuse could there be?”

Spineless Egypt! Bending to the will of the Jews! Why are all these pesky people keeping us from driving the Jews out of Palestine and from furthering our agenda against Israel and the United States? Oh, Bernardine and pals, are you really that stupid? Do you honestly believe that if we just opened our arms and our hearts and embraced insane psychopathic murderers, they will like us and give us a cookie? No, you aren’t. You are more evil than stupid. You want : other people to believe that, so that you can: use them: to further your agenda, but you don’t yourself. You see, your idea of “peace” is to create an America of which so few people are proud that no one would be willing to even fight for nor defend her and her allies.

To you, we Americans and Israelis are capitalistic, patriarchal, homophobic, racist, war mongering, fascist pigs and all. You know, unlike the way Hamas runs things, where women are put on pedestals — to be stoned to death or to be used : as human bombs[13]. : Since you are a member of : a Feminist group (all Feminist groups being anything : but : actually Feminist) I can see how you would find that far less scary evil than America and Israel, where women gain the same successes as men in every segment of society, including positions of power in the Government.

And we mustn’t forget the “peaceful” way : homosexuals are treated by Hamas[14]. Sure, here you sometimes need to stay in the closet longer than desired, but there you need to stay in a steel encased, : 6 foot thick panic room[15]. Forever.

Some of us are onto you now, Bernardine;

“The Egyptian authorities’ actions were clearly informed their understanding that with their ties to Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizbullah, Syria and Iran, Code Pink and its friends are active collaborators with the jihad war machine.: With their open ties to our jihadist enemies on the one hand, and their direct line to the White House on the other, Israel ignores them at our peril.”

Many of us clearly see you for what you are. Your Alinsky tricks do not work on us any longer, because we are onto them. We distinctly see your true agenda and how you embrace those who seek to kill us. Your jihadist ties are utterly transparent — as are your ties to the Obama administration. You are willing to turn a blind eye to true oppression, bloodshed and death, as long as it fits with your preferred ideology.

Your vile hypocrisy is topped by only two things: your anti-Semitism and your utter hatred for America and Israel.

(Originally/Cross-posted at David Horowitz’s NewsReal)[16]

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