Biden and Warren Huddle on Presidential Run – Rumors of a Democratic Ticket Emerge [Video]

Biden and Warren Huddle on Presidential Run – Rumors of a Democratic Ticket Emerge [Video]

Let the panic begin! The Dems saw what was happening with Trump and Cruz and the huge crowds flocking to them; then they had a meltdown. Hillary is damaged goods and is through politically. O’Malley who? And Socialist Sanders… well, the Dems just aren’t that into him. The rumors are swelling that Biden came back solely from his vacation to meet with Elizabeth Warren and I’m sure they weren’t discussing Indian heritage. Sheer desperation. Part of me is horrified at the thought of a Biden, Warren ticket. If the moron twins somehow got elected, I would have to seriously consider moving out of the country. Not kidding. The other part of me knows that Trump or Cruz must be the nominee now. Either one of them will wipe the floor with ditsy Uncle Joe and Fauxcahontas. I don’t think it would even be close – it would be a landslide of epic proportions for the Republicans.

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From the Inquisitr:

Joe Biden 2016 may seem like a far cry for the vice-president who found himself a target while sharing the office with President Obama, but a meeting with Elizabeth Warren may be a sign that he will seek a presidential bid next year.

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Rumors of a Biden 2016 run have been circulating for weeks before the meeting with Elizabeth. New York Times reported that Joe has been speaking to donors who heavily backed the Obama campaign recently. Biden’s suspicious moves might be due to unhopeful poll numbers for Hillary Clinton, who stands be his main rival should he run next year. One anonymous former senior Obama administration official told NYT that he has spoken with the current vice-president about the possibility.

“He’s not unrealistic that if she’s able to right the ship here, at this point it’s tough, really tough, to see a lot of Democrats coming off her. On the other hand, the things with the emails and everything else could deteriorate — who knows? So I think he’s figuring he’s got another month or so to see what happens, to sort of put feelers out there.”


With CNN reporting a meeting with Elizabeth, those Biden 2016 rumors might be turning into something more. Despite repeatedly declining to run in 2016, Warren has a loyal fan base of liberal Democrats that have continued to push for her to run. Inquisitr previously reported about an “I’m In” e-mail that Elizabeth sent out that seemed to indicate she was well aware of the desire for her to step into the race. Joe making the decision to meet with her could indicate that he’s aware of the buzz around her as well.

CNN‘s Jeff Zeleny reported the information that he had acquired about the Warren-Biden meeting, and what that could mean for a possible 2016 collaboration between the two.

“Vice-president Joe Biden… came back to Washington for one single meeting I’m told, and that was with Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She is, of course, the pride of all liberals, the darling of all liberals in the Senate who was urged to run for president herself. She has declined throughout many months, but just the fact that she is meeting with the vice-president certainly raises the question, ‘What are they up to?’ They are talking about his plans to run for president, not hers, but it adds to the level of intrigue about exactly what he is thinking as he continues to way this decision-making process about whether or not he wants to enter this presidential race?”

The Dems evidently believe this ticket is their only hope. This is the doing of Barack Obama. He has torpedoed the Hildebeast and is feeding her to the wolves. He has chosen Biden and Warren as his successors. What Obama wants, he gets in the Democratic Party. What a pair… Biden is a freaking moron and a lech. Warren is a liar and a nut bag extraordinaire. It gives a whole new meaning to fruits and nuts and the bad joke is they want to lead this nation. That would be straight off a cliff and we would be finished. No way to survive that dynamic duo. I think they are shaking in their jackboots over Trump. He’s got them scared to death with his poll numbers and popularity. Good times. CNN is saying Biden wants her endorsement, but I think a marriage is about to occur. Well, politics isn’t fun if it isn’t rough and it’s about to get interesting.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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