Bill de Blasio’s Radical Background Resembles Obama’s

by Dave Blount | January 9, 2015 12:51 pm

Too bad we don’t have a proper news media in this country, the establishment press having been subverted by leftists and reduced to a propaganda apparatus. Otherwise someone in a position of prominence would have lifted the rock on Obama’s background to show us the repulsive creepy-crawlies squiggling around underneath. This would have spared America from the most destructive presidency in our history. The same goes for Obama’s ideological compadre, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Obama used to be known as the Senator From ACORN. You might call de Blasio the Mayor From ACORN:

[D]e Blasio has a largely unreported history with the controversial Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN.

ACORN’s renamed group, the New York Communities for Change, is one of the organizations helping to lead the protests over the death of Eric Garner, who was killed by police in July.

De Blasio has been accused by critics, including New York police officers, of helping to fuel racial tension between police and protesters.

This deliberately exacerbated tension has led to the assassination of police officers.

De Blasio’s connections deep down in the sewers of ultra-left activism don’t stop at ACORN. One anti-police protest attempted to shut down Fifth Avenue right before Christmas…

The protest was led by the group Act Now To End War & Stop Racism Coalition, or ANSWER, together with Occupy Wall Street and at least 10 other so-called economic justice and pro-Palestinian groups.

ANSWER has worked with ACORN and has led protests in the past with, a group with which de Blasio previously worked.

ANSWER is a Stalinist organization that advocates the overthrow of our constitutional republic in favor of an oligarchical collectivist dictatorship.

During the mayoral race last year, New York City media reported billionaire George Soros had endorsed de Blasio. But the reports failed to disclose the billionaire’s major financial donation to de Blasio’s nonprofit as well as the candidate’s cozy working relationship with Soros-funded activist groups. De Blasio worked with some of those groups to stir protests.

Follow the money trail funding any operation devoted to destroying America from within and you will soon arrive at George Soros’s wallet.

De Blasio’s closest associations appear to be with ACORN, an outfit so vile that it was forced to obscure its identity with name changes after James O’Keefe revealed its eagerness to help set up brothels for underage girls.

De Blasio spent $43,000 to hire N.Y. Citizens Services Inc., an affiliate of ACORN, to run canvassing, consulting and field work for his public advocate campaign.

As a councilman, de Blasio steered $115,000 in taxpayer dollars directly to ACORN as well as to the organization’s affiliate, the New York Agency for Community Affairs.

He also has close ties with the leftist Working Families Party, a front group for ACORN.

WFP was founded by progressive activist Dan Cantor, who also was a founder of the socialist-oriented New Party.

De Blasio reportedly served as executive director of the New York branch of the New Party.

The most famous former member of the radical New Party is Barack Hussein Obama. No wonder he and de Blasio are always on the same page.

Bertha Lewis, the demented and malevolent former executive director of ACORN, confirms that de Blasio is one of her kind:

“[He’s] proud to say he’s liberal. [He’s] proud to say he is severely progressive and was proud to stand with me, to back me, to back ACORN, and said, ‘We will march down the street together and I dare you, I dare you, to say something against my friend!’”

Creatures like this have been wriggling around in the darkness for decades, festering with their hatred of all things traditionally American. Now they run the White House and the nation’s largest city. The country will be lucky to survive intact.

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