BREAKING: Democrats Are TURNING On Obama After His Anti-Israel Policies At UN!

by Cassy Fiano | December 29, 2016 10:00 am

Americans have been furious about Barack Obama’s betrayal of Israel. But it turns out, it’s not just his constituents that he needs to worry about. Even Democrats in Congress are angry… and they’re turning on the Obama administration[1].


John Kerry is scheduled to give a speech on peace in the Middle East. But Democrats want him to cancel. Rep. Steny Hower, the second-highest ranking Democrat, just released a statement slamming the Obama administration and demanding that they stand with Israel and drop negotiations that would only harm our ally.

Now, it is my understanding that Secretary Kerry, in the last few days of this Administration, intends to outline the parameters of an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority,” Hoyer said. “This flies in the face of the United States’s longstanding position that such a formulation should be reached only through negotiations by the parties and not by the United States, the United Nations, or any other third party,” Hoyer said. “I urge Secretary Kerry and the Administration not to set forth a formula, which will inevitably disadvantage Israel in any negotiation.

“The United States must now take steps to signal unequivocally to the entire world that we will continue to stand by our ally Israel as it seeks to build a future of peace and safety as a Jewish state and an equal member of the family of nations,” he concluded.

It has been rumored that Obama plans to recognize a full Palestinian state before he leaves office. Kerry is set to deliver a major speech on January 15th and many believe that is when it will happen, with the administration renouncing Israel’s Jewish state and recognizing the Palestinian state instead.

For their part, Israel has so far refused to attend the “Paris Middle East Peace Conference” claiming that it is just a conference for show. There is nothing scheduled on issues like ISIS, Syria, Russia’s bombing of Aleppo or their invasion of Ukraine, or Hezbollah’s murdering of innocent civilians in Iran. No, the conference is only about Israel and in all likelihood, it will only further scold Israel for committing the crime of defending themselves against Palestinian terror attacks.

Thank God Obama is almost OUT!

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