BREAKING: Fed-Up Senators Just Became Game-Changers For Israel Legislation

BREAKING: Fed-Up Senators Just Became Game-Changers For Israel Legislation

After last week, Obama is in the doghouse with Republicans of course, but this time even Democrats are in disbelief of the audacity he has mustered up to do what he has done to Israel.



To appease the Palestinians, the Obama administration and previous administrations even before them, have avoided having to face the questions of calling on Israel to be the capital of Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Relocation Act was put into place to relocate the capital back in 1995, however while promising to move the embassy to Jerusalem, past Presidents have delayed doing so for ‘security’ reasons and have used 6-month deferments to postpone taking action since 1995.

The Obama administration has rabidly avoided the question as well. No surprise there.

However, we are learning now that this might be the year that things get done!

Now we have three Republican senators that are pushing for it by introducing the legislation this Wednesday to formally and officially recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the state of Israel.

They are Senators Marco Rubio, Dean Heller and Ted Cruz. These are the three who have firmly introduced the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act. The Recognition Act is a bill created to recognize Jerusalem as the “undivided capital of the State of Israel” and furthermore to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jersalem.

“Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish state of Israel, and that’s where America’s embassy belongs,” said Sen. Rubio, in an emailed press release. “It’s time for Congress and the president-elect to eliminate the loophole that has allowed presidents in both parties to ignore U.S. law and delay our embassy’s rightful relocation to Jerusalem for over two decades.”

Our President-elect Donald Trump has already indicated that he would support and do what he can to make this happen.

His surrogate Kellyanne Conway has called it a “very big priority for this President-elect,” which she stated in one of her most recent radio interviews.

Even Trump’s appointee for ambassador to Israel believes that Trump is going to make good on his goal to move the embassy.

If you have the support of Congress and Donald Trump, it really does seem that progress will be made to accomplish what should have been done years agao.

16 more days!

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